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Coctopus - Twelve Inches Of... LP

Image of Coctopus - Twelve Inches Of... LP


When skate thrash titans Bones Brigade, and Misfits-worshiping punks Shanghai Valentine broke up, something was already brewing in the steamy waters of Boston Harbor. Two members from each band have come together to form Coctopus, a troup that sonically embodies two decades worth of rock history. Ripping guitar solos, epic harmonies, wah wah-ed bass lines, and raging drum-fills bubble to the surface on Coctopus’ debut record. Fans of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Jimmy Hendrix should all take note. The musical virtuosity this band displays is only rivaled by the pure balls-out rock they create. The new record is a one sided LP with an etching on the B side. Features members of Ramming Speed.